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On April 10th 1963, USS THRESHER (SSN 593) was lost in the Gulf of Maine during a post-overhaul test dive along with the 129 gallant crew, officers, Shipyard employees, and civilian contractors.  This tragic loss led directly to significant changes in the Navy’s submarine safety programs that have kept the nation’s submariners safe ever since.   The men of THRESHER are true Cold War American heroes whose sacrifice we honor.
The USS Thresher Memorials in Kittery, Maine include:
The Thresher Memorial Flagpole at Kittery Memorial Circle.  The flagpole’s 129-foot height represents one foot for each of the 129 men who perished.
The Thresher Monument, Courtyard and Circle of Honor in Kittery Memorial Park, located just east of Memorial Circle on Rogers Road.
The Rotary Club of Kittery After-Hours is proud to sponsor and administer the Website and Facebook Page for Kittery's Thresher Memorials.  Please visit these links for more information:
 Website - USS THRESHER (SSN 593) Memorials - Town of Kittery, Maine
Thresher Flagpole Memorial Facebook Page
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